Sunday, May 10, 2009

Computer Busted


On my return from Spain a few weeks ago, I discovered my Macbook Pro was suffering from something bloggers call "Random Shutdown Syndrome." Only affecting Mabooks and MBPs, this nefarious disease causes your laptop to randomly shutdown and restart without warning. A techie in the Netherlands(or thereabouts) pinpointed the cause of the problem to a small wire connecting the video card and the motherboard that would expand when too hot and cause an overload. 
In other words, the small intestine is trying to eat the stomach and I'm out of photos and videos until I return to America(and Apple Stores). I'm upset, but there's nothing I can do. My last mac laptop lasted 5 years after I dropped it several times, cracked the casing in 3 places and dropped a drawer on it. 
When I return home in June I will get it fixed ASAP and then upload the photos and videos that are overdue. I apologize for not posting sooner, but these past few weeks have been eventful. Thanks for keeping up and love you all!


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