Thursday, October 16, 2008

Is this blog any good? Readers' review!

Above: Traffic has increased substantially in L'viv over the past few years as Ukrainians finally have the income to pay for cars. "There was barely any traffic here 10 years ago," said Matthew Matuszak, an UCU employee. "Now they don't have the infrastructure to deal with the cars. Glad I don't own one." 

As of today, I have been in L'viv 44 days, or 1 month and 2 weeks. In that time, I've been keeping this stellar blog going by posting photos, stories and videos every day I've been here. I haven't missed a day I've been in L'viv. Thanks to all who have sent compliments on facebook or directly on blogger, it means a lot.

I asked my friend Mark Kane if I was posting just to get more traffic, if this was the real deal. Ever so frank, Mark said,
"No, you're actually doing your job. You post every day with real material that is interesting and I actually want to read. Your not just posting every other week, you're doing it every day. You're doing what every blogger should do."
Thanks, Mark. 
Some from facebook and emails:


Anielka said...

Mike, your blog is definitely sweet.
You share some pretty awesome stuff with the rest of us who don't have the opportunity to do the cool things that you are doing over there in Ukraine. I learn a lot from your blog. Keep on posting, yo!

DJPJ said...

I love your blog and your great! Thank you for inspiring my own creativity and pursuit of happiness. We shall Skype soon, I miss you very much and I hope you visit me in DC!