Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Polska, Pierogies, and Piwo, part 2

As Nowa Europa(New Europe) modernizes in its economic rebirth, Poland's strong culture and national identity will be a major influence on the region and the world's perceptions of it. Krakow, a classical polish city full of culture and untouched by World War II, is bursting with life and is the proud home of Jagiellonian University, the second oldest university in Europe. Expect more of Poland, they are just getting started.
Above, from top to bottom: Polish National Hacky-Sack Champion Matteusz foot juggles a tiny bean-bag soccer ball outside the Sukiennice(or 'Cloth Hall' where tourists shops sell goods) on the evening of September 26th; clubbers wait in line for the Nova Club on the Plac Nowy at 11 pm on September 27th; outside the Galeria Krakowska shopping mall next to Krakow's train station on the evening of September 28th; THE BEST KIELBASA you'll ever eat is on Ulica Gregorzecka between the train station and Kazimierz, the name of the business is 'Kielbasa y Bulka' which literally means "Sausage and Roll" and that's exactly what you get, best kept secret in Krakow and great after a few beers(piwo); and a fire juggler entertains a crowd to the beat of drums and morrocas in the Rynek Glowny on the evening of September 28th.

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