Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ukraina and beyond!

I leave for Ukraine tomorrow. I'm in Boston right now, and in 24 hours I will drive to JFK in New York City with my parents and then they will drop me off. My flight leaves at 5:35 pm, and I arrive in Lviv on the 2nd around 4 pm. 
I'm excited, but mostly trying to pack in as much America as I can get right now. Heck, I ordered a Maxwell Street Polish, an All Beef Chicago Dog, onion rings and a large chocolate malt all for lunch at Portillo's in Schaumburg before I left. I've been stuffing my face full of Chipotle, mexican fajitas, french toast and hopefully some delicious omelettes these past few days, and I'm not done yet. 
Boston in a wonderful town, and I can see why my sisters like it so much. I love cities that are big, but still have a small-town feel to them. Chicago doesn't have that, but Milwaukee does. Plus, Chicago changes too often, and Boston has a more established feeling to it. 
Anyway, I'm writing today to let everyone know that my blog will continue through my trip into Urkaine. I will keep updating this every week while I'm teaching. From the feedback I've heard, more people request pictures over stories, and I would tend to agree. I will still write, but try to shoot more and limit my stories to shorter lengths. You can look forward to more video as well.

Arrivederci! Do widzenia! Do pobachnia!


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