Monday, November 17, 2008

Last view of Fall

Above, top to bottom:A woman walks in Strisky Park in the thick fog of early morning; the last seeds of a flowering plant wait to be blown away by the freezing winds of winter, near the outskirts of Strisky Park; A group of band players in their white uniforms walk through the Russian Cemetery on Lychakivska Street; and a woman calls her dog during a walk in the early fog in Strisky.
More to come with this series, fall is so beautiful here and it's over! No more, but oh well! I got some great pictures from my first and probably last fall in Lviv.


MindlessWanderer said...

the last seeds picture is amazing!!!
ja ciebie kocham!!!
twoj siostra

C Rudz said...

Mike!! These are incredible!! The first is my favorite- the colors and composition are awesome.
The third one is really cool- the group of people look like ghosts.. you almost aren't sure if they're really there.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics. Especially like 1st and last. They almost have an eerie sense to them